Underwater Macro Photographer's Nirvana

If you love Macro photography, you'll love Aquaventure!

The area is well-known as one of the richest areas in sea life in the world, with some of the most eye-catching marine life found anywhere and remarkably plentiful as well.

Even among the best locations you can find, the Anilao area has some of the highest numbers of nudibranchs and that means that you will have the best chance of getting those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities unfolding in front of your lens.

    Macro Photography


    The World Capital For Nudibranch Diving

    Anilao is often referred to as the Nudibranch capitol of the world.

    It is simply amazing how many varieties of Nudi’s and sea slugs can be found on one dive, including the very rare and highly sought after Colemans Melibe - the Ghost Nudi!

    It really is the go-to place for Nudi’s with over 600 different species catalogued so far and more still being discovered!

    From the tiny, almost microscopic types that the eyes can hardly see to the larger predator species that can grow to over 50mm in size, it's all here in Anilao.

    Our highly experienced spotters are simply amazing at finding them, no matter the size.

    If Nudibranchs are what you're after then let us at AquaVenture help you get those stunning images you desire.

      The Lure of the small

      With a little understanding of camera settings, immediate results are achievable and can be obtained with either a point and shoot camera or DSLR.

      When starting out, you may not wish to invest in an expensive DSLR rig, so a point and shoot is an ideal starting point for people with any budget.

      Macro is addictive and usually once you start getting a few nice shots you will want to upgrade to get those amazing images we all see posted on social media.

      Muck around with Macro

      A true benefit of Macro or Muck Diving is you can have amazing dives and breathtaking photos under any conditions. Often you are not dealing with big currents and the subjects tend to be slow moving, allowing more opportunities to get that great shot. As well, you tend to move around a lot less, making for a more relaxing dive experience!  

      Learning the skills for this type of photography can come through courses, either taken on-line, in a class format or one on one and available for the beginner or even seasoned photographers wishing to learn the latest techniques or lighting methods.

      First learn the technical skills with the camera and lighting, then put it to use under the waves.

      Mastering your diving skills early on is advisable, such as buoyancy control so as not to stir up the bottom, resulting in unwanted backscatter (particles floating in the water which ruin a shot) as well to protect the reef or critter you are wishing to photograph.

      Steve Wright

      Founder of Sea Eagle Photography

      After years of macro photography I still get excited when I nail a shot: perfect focus, lighting and composition… all of which takes practice, practice and more practice. It’s what drives us to keep going back to try and get that perfect photo.

      AquaVenture is the ideal place to start as they have numerous dive sites to choose from no matter the conditions with an absolute abundance of macro critters to photograph. There are more varieties of Nudibranchs in Anilao than any other diving destination!

      So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, AquaVenture has all your needs covered from great dive sites, fast boats, highly trained spotters, a dedicated camera room, designated rinse tubs to protect your valuable equipment… From the practical to the spectacular, AquaVenture has it all.