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Be Amazed in the Philippines

Nobody knows diving like the locals and we have a long list of well-known underwater features, like the Ligpo Cross or the Sunk Helicopter, all in the nearby area... as well as some lesser-known diving attractions throughout Batangas Bay and the surrounding waterways.

We know that all adventure-seekers and underwater enthusiasts will fall in love with this green archipelago the moment they arrive. With its bustling cities, picture-perfect beaches, breath-taking reefs, pelagic action and exhilarating wrecks.

What's it like to dive in Anilao?

Diving is usually by a traditional Filipino boat (Bangka), which is comfortable for up to 8 divers plus a crew of 2-3. We have our own boats, which can cater to any size of party. Our fleet includes a converted ferry as well as a high speed dive boat.

Dive sites are usually 10-25 minutes away from most resorts. The general schedule is 2 dives early in the morning, enjoying lunch and rest in the afternoon at the resort, and then the option to arrange more dives in the afternoon, or last dive being a complete night dive.

Frequent night dives are a must in Anilao and no visit would be complete without the unique experience of a night dive! Dive time limits are less stringent than at other locations, and significant time can be spent in the shallows. Occasionally divers will encounter currents but our guides at Aquaventure recommend dives according to everyone's skill and comfort levels. The guides are excellent critter-finders, which keeps photographers shooting for the entire dive.

World-Famous Dive Sites

These dive sites have been spoken about within the global dive community for decades. There was even a series of hand-drawn images made that give you a taste of what these dive sites look like.

Dive Sites

The Mabini Peninsula is known for a large selection of incredible dive sites, from man-made features to natural spectacles and wild aquatic species large and small. Our local guides will help you choose which of these offer the best viewing conditions so you can get the best results from your choices.

There are nearly 100 popular locations, with even more known to our local guides. Click the next tab for a list with relevant details of some of the most popular sites, as marked on the map in the adjacent space.

Cathedral 18 m Moderate Cross, Fish Feeding Wide
Eagle Point 18 m Moderate Wall, Drop Offs Wide, Macro
Koala 18 m Moderate Coral Reef Wide, Macro
Koala Aquarium 60 m Moderate Drop Offs, Pelagic Wide
Arthur's Rock 25 m Moderate / Strong Wall, Coral Reef Wide, Macro
Twin Rocks 18 m Moderate Barge, Giant Clams Wide, Macro
Mainit Point 30 m Strong Drift, Pelagis, Wall Wide, Macro
Mainit Bubbles 30 m Slight Wall, Underwater Bubbles Wide, Macro
Bahura 30 m Strong Coral Reef, Pelagic Wide
Bahura Kanto 40 m Strong Coral Reef, Pelagic Wide
Layag- layag 30 m Moderate Coral Reef, Wall Wide, Macro
Layag-layag Bahura 30 m Moderate / Strong Coral Reef, Cavern Wide
Kirby's Rock 40 m Slight Pinnacle Rocks Wide, Macro
Bahay Kambing 18 m Slight / Moderate Drop Offs, Corals Wide, Macro
Caban Cove 30 m Slight Sandy bottom, Drop Offs Macro
Betlehem 18 m Moderate / Strong Drop Offs, Basura Macro
Darilaut 27 m None Wreck, was Floating Casino Wide, Macro
Sepoc Wall 27 m Moderate / Strong Wall, Coral Garden Wide
Sepoc 2 25 m Slight 1 Big Rock Wide
Sombrero Island 25 m Moderate Coral Garden, Cavern Wide, Macro
Beatrice 1 30 m Strong 1 Big Rock, Underwater Canal Wide
Beatrice 2 40 m Strong Rock Formations Wide
Apol's Point 18 m Moderate 2 Big Rocks, Coral Wide, Macro
Coconut 20 m Moderate Sandy Bottom Macro
Grotto 25 m Slight Wall of Rocks Wide
Bonito Island 18 m Moderate Coral Reef Wide
Light House 20 m Moderate / Strong Wall, Coral Reef Wide
Devil's Point 30 m Moderate Pinnacle Rock, Corals Wide, Macro
Mapating 40 m Moderate Underwater Cave Wide
Vistamar 18 m Slight Steps, Wreck, Tables Wide, Macro
Basura 20 m Slight Igloo Cement Formation Macro
Dive and Trek (Cavern, Cross) 25 m None Cavern, Cross, Statue Wide
Dive and Trek (Giant Clams) 15 m None Giant Clams, Jack Fish Wide
Ligpo Island 30 m Slight Pinnacle Rock, Sea Fan Wide
Ligpo Cavern 24 m Slight Cavern, Shark Cave Wide
Batalan Rock 18 m Slight Coral Reef Wide
Agahuta 18 m Slight Slopes, Corals Macro
Red Rock 18 m Slight 1 Big Rock Macro
3's Cuevas 15 m Slight Coral Reef Macro
Dead Palm 25 m Moderate Coral Reef Wide, Macro
Secret Bay 20 m Slight Slope, Sandy Bottom Macro
Anilao Pier 8 m None Sandy Bottom Macro
Aqua Garden and Sunview 20 M Moderate Slope, Sandy Bottom, Soft Coral Macro
Balanoy (Buceo) 20 m Moderate Slope, Soft Coral Macro
Matu Rock (Matutungil) 18 m Slight Slope, Sandy Bottom, Rock Macro
Mayumi and Magdalena 18 m Moderate Coral Reef Wide, Macro
Helicopter (Aquaventure) 25 m Slight Wreck Wide, Macro
Dive 7000 20 m Moderate Wreck, Slope, Corals Wide, Macro
Onad's Point (Vivere) 20 m Moderate Sandy Bottom Macro
Minilog (Maynilog) 20 m None Sandy, Wall, Slope Macro
Heidi's Point 20 m Slight Sandy Bottom Macro
Saimsim 20 m Slight Sandy Bottom Macro
Anilao Bay (Black Water) 30 m Slight Sandy to No Bottom Macro
Mandarin Reef 5 m None Mandarin Coral Reef Macro
El Pinoy 18 m Moderate Coral Reef, Cavern Macro

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